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Building passive acoustic requirements

Acoustic impact assessment, assessment of acoustic climate impact, building passive acoustic requirements, on-site measurement of acoustic insulation

For more than a decade working in applied acoustics, through its competence, expertise and with its own Acoustics Technicians, CREA s.r.l. can now provide a new service:

Determination of the Passive Acoustic Requirements for Buildings as per D.P.C.M. 05/12/1997

The sophisticated data acquisition and analysis instrumentation complies with the most stringent technical standards in the field and does not introduce any approximations into the calculation, approximations that often lead to index assessment errors.

  • Building acoustic performance assessment starting from the performance of the products in compliance with UNI EN ISO 12354-1-2-3:2002, 12354-4:2003.
  • On-site testing and test reports compliant with UNI EN ISO 140-4-5-7:2000, 717-1-2:2007.

Guarantee of incontestable tests

  • on-site measurement of acoustic insulation against airborne noise between rooms
  • on-site measurement of façade insulation against  airborne noise
  • on-site measurement of floor insulation against noise from footsteps
  • on-site measurement of noise produced by technological systems