• Associazione degli Industriali di Ravenna
  • 3ASI - Associazione Nazionale degli Esperti in Affidabilità
  • AIAS - Associazione Italiana Ambiente e Sicurezza
  • AIDII - Associazione Italiana degli Igienisti Industriali
  • NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
  • AICQ - Associazione Italiana Cultura Qualità
  • ROCA - Ravenna Offshore Constructors Association
  • SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers


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Environmental protection and care

Environmental protection and care, environmental impact studies, pollution emission assessments, sampling and analysis of powders, gases and liquids, acoustic pollution assessments

In this sector, CREA performs environmental impact studies, pollution emission assessments in the various environmental components, sampling and analysis of powders, gases and liquids also for environmental purposes, acoustic pollution assessments, micro-climate assessment and measurement, environmental pollution assessments and electromagnetic field measurements, classification, management and transport of wastes.
To this purpose, CREA not only has the necessary Qualified Technicians but also instrumentation compliant with current standards.

Environmental monitoring

  • Air pollution measurement and air quality assessments
  • Characterization and assessment of air pollution
  • Monitoring of electromagnetic fields and non ionizing radiations
  • Specialized consultation service on atmospheric emissions

Environmental studies

  • Environmental prefeasibility studies for civil works and industrial plants (environmental screening)
  • Environmental impact studies for civil works and industrial plants
  • Natural low-impact engineering, design of integration into nature and mitigation of environmental impact
  • Territorial planning and related studies for classification of the territory according to environmental vulnerability
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Environmental due diligence  
  • Photo of placement sites

Applied Acoustics

  • Assessment of acoustic impact and acoustic climate as per It. law 447/95;
  • Design and feasibility study for mitigation works to reduce the acoustic impact of road and railroad infrastructures and industrial sources;
  • Acoustic impact studies performed with acoustic modelling;
  • Determination of the passive acoustic requirements for buildings as per D.P.C.M. 05/12/1997.