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Transport of dangerous goods ADR/RID/ADN and IMDG

Transport of dangerous goods ADR "Accord Dangereuses Route", rail transport (RID) and inland waterway shipping (ADN). Classification of dangerous substances with reference to road and rail transport.

With the most recent It. Leg. Decree no. 35/2010, published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic on 11 March 2010, the government has implemented European Directive 2008/68/CE regarding domestic transport of dangerous goods, further complying with the European Agreements "Accord Dangereuses Route" (ADR), rail transport (RID) and inland waterway shipping (ADN). Following changes in legislation, for years now CREA has implemented a professional profile able to meet the Client's demands for transport of dangerous goods, or transport-related packaging, loading, filling or unloading operations using such instruments as:

  • classification of hazardous substances with reference to road and rail transport
  • analysis of packaging conditions, characteristics of the packaging and the containers;
  • analysis of transport vehicle requirements and requirements for transport, including shipping documents;
  • analysis and processing of the exemptions in the application of said Regulations;
  • drafting of specific Product Data Sheets to meet Customer needs;
  • Help Desk (by phone);
  • Auditing companies involved in loading/unloading and transport of dangerous goods;
  • evaluation and drafting of safety data sheets in compliance with current regulations;
  • drawing up annual accident report and security plan.

The above consultation activities are performed by technicians holding certificates of professional training (CFP) received after passing an examination given by the Competent Authorities for Transport of Dangerous Goods as required by the standards.
CREA s.r.l. has also extended its own Consultation sectors to cover maritime Transport of Dangerous Goods in line with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code).