• Associazione degli Industriali di Ravenna
  • 3ASI - Associazione Nazionale degli Esperti in Affidabilità
  • AIAS - Associazione Italiana Ambiente e Sicurezza
  • AIDII - Associazione Italiana degli Igienisti Industriali
  • NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
  • AICQ - Associazione Italiana Cultura Qualità
  • ROCA - Ravenna Offshore Constructors Association
  • SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers


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Crea srl: Industrial Safety and Environmental Care

Crea Srl deals mainly with Industrial Safety and Environmental Care. The company offers the following services: fire prevention certification, assessment of noise risks, acoustic impact and passive acoustic requirements

  • Crea srl da oltre 30 anni nella sicurezza indistriale

    30 years of experience

    For more than thirty years, an experienced pool of multi-sector technicians have been working in security engineering, environmental engineering and occupational health for industrial and civil environments, progressively integrating different professions and expanding the corporate commitment to various sectors, but always offering the same reliability and seriousness.

  • certificazione energetica edificio

    Energy certification

    Since Energy Certification of Buildings is mandatory, CREA offers complete consultation service to certify, assess and update buildings and to achieve long-lasting earnings from energy savings:

    energy certifications »

  • servizio di sicurezza portuale security portuale

    Port security

    CREA works out Port Security plans and provides experienced, qualified personnel to act as PFSO (Port Facility Security Officer) and Deputy PFSO as required by current national and international regulations.

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  • crea srl opera nella sicurezza industriale antincendio nel settore offshore e navale

    Offshore security

    Offshore: security, fire-fighting, electrical system testing. CREA transforms the work into a qualified service offering consultation, assessments, operating plans, system design, training courses and making them available to Offshore sector companies.